What our winners thought of their success

All the finalists who attended the Suffolk Care Awards 2017 held at Trinity Park exemplified the high quality, life-changing support delivered by hundreds of care teams across the county.

There were 10 award winners in total. We asked some of them what winning meant to them and how they felt about it:


Sandie Oxborrow, Registered Manager, Baylham Care Centre, winner of three awards.




“We were absolutely thrilled and delighted to have reached the finals of the Suffolk Care Awards .  To hear Baylham Care Centre  read out, not once, but three times was amazing - winning awards for Culture, Creativity and Activities, Innovative Approaches to Services for Dementia, and Student Placement / Apprenticeship .

"One member of the team from each department attended the celebration, and we were completely surprised, overwhelmed and delighted.

 "We are extremely proud of the whole team’s commitment and in being supported by the organisation to be able to really make a difference to everyone’s happiness and quality of life. ”

Alexandra Keenan, Support Worker, Special Recognition Award.

"When I was told that I was put forward for the Special Recognition Award, I was taken aback. The way that I looked at  things is very practical - the basics of the job, get to know the person that I'm going to look after, likes and dislikes, and how to make improvements for them, and to do it slowly due to their learning difficulties (we are all the same, change can be difficult).

"What I try and do is to make his life happy and explain things to him. We have fun and a good laugh and try and make things enjoyable.
"I have learned a lot of very important things in this job, and it's just not the person that I support that needs help and understanding - it is usually the mother as well; you find there's a lot of emotional attachment to the job as well .
"I go to work with the approach that I will try and make a difference today. I have helped choose other members of staff to work with the young man, as it is important that he had different people around him that can offer different things, like swimming ( I don't swim) and they offer him different things due to their personality. It is important that who every works with him is interested in him  - not just doing the job for the money -and they give him what he needs as a person.
"It  is a very challenging and stressful job and it is very nice to be appreciated for the work that we do. The young man that I work for  needs to know who is looking after him and can trust them to look after him; for him to have a good sense of security. Not everyone is suitable for this type of work."

Ed Abbott and Marta Zych from Leading Lives, Stowmarket, which won the Promoting Dignity and Respect in Everyday Life Award.






The team at Leading Lives, Stowmarket, supported a service user with learning disabilities to move from a residential care setting, where he had lived for 20 years, into a bungalow.

The team advocated on his behalf for rehousing and made sure the new accommodation met his needs and was decorated in a way which was to his liking, giving the service user independence, choice and control.

Ed Abbott said: "With the help of his very capable team at Leading Lives, we helped him find his forever home where he could make it his own environment, with his own garden and everything he likes.

"Winning the award was amazing. It was a lovely reward for recognising the value of work that people like me do."


Seckford Foundation, End of Life Care Award winner.

Sarah Kopferschmitt said: "It's a fantastic Award and the team are so proud to have got it. 

"There's a great deal of care going on in this fabulous county.

"There were so many heart-warming examples of great care that need to be celebrated."

Judges said the Seckford Foundation demonstrated a holistic approach to end of life care which recognised the difference between planning and the final days of life. 












Suffolk Care Awards 2017 winners.












Winners of the 2017 Suffolk Care Awards


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