Insulin Safety Week and Hypo Awareness Week

The first-ever, national Insulin Safety Week builds on interest generated by successful local campaigns across the country, including in Leicester, Hastings and Southampton. It will take place from May 14 to 20 and follow the same format as Hypo Awareness Week.

We are also pleased to announce the date for this year’s Hypo Awareness Week as September 24 to 30.

Organisations which would like to register or know more, the contact details for the organiser at Orange Juice Communications can be found on the flyer

If a care provider has suggestions for resources which may assist them in running an event during either of these weeks they can contact DUET diabetes (we are collating and passing on to the organiser). 

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust won the excellence award last year for the campaign/events they ran for Hypo Awareness week


Lynne Reedman
Service Lead
DUET diabetes Ltd
01799 584178 / 07443 659985

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