Claiming Workforce Development Funding

Once you have registered with the partnership, completed your NMDS and made a decision whether or not to request ring-fenced funding, you will need to begin to submit funding claims.

Please follow these steps below:

Step 1 (ring-fenced)

Complete a QCF/RQF funding form for each of the employees undertaking training. This form asks you for information including details about the employee undertaking the training, your NMDS status and which training provider you will be using. Send this form back to us. This will give you priority in payment of funding. The QCF/RQF funding form can be found by clicking here.

Step 2 (ring-fenced)

On receipt of the funding form, we will write to you outlining the dates by which units must be completed.

Step 3 (all claims)

As and when your learner completes units you will be given a unit summary sheet by the training provider. You must send us a copy (not the original) of this summary along with a Funding Claim Form.

The Funding Claim Form can be found by clicking here.

A Sample Unit Summary Sheet can be found by clicking here.

Step 4 (all claims)

We will check eligibility, including your NMDS status and ensure all the information required by Skills for Care has been given to us. We will then submit claims to Skills for Care.

All ring-fenced funding claims will be submitted as a priority, all other claims will be submitted on a first come first served basis. If your claim is agreed by Skills for Care, we will pay your claim by BACS.

We cannot guarantee that all claims can be paid and claims will be paid in adherence to the priority list outlined above and in more detail in the 2017/18 funding leaflet below.

You can continue to send units into us throughout the year.

Workforce Development Funding paperwork

Here you can find all the information resources, forms and templates to assist you to access WDF.

QCF Funding Leaflet

The QCF Funding Form 

List of acceptable units

Unit summary sheet

Suffolk Brokerage funding leaflet

2017/18 Members Declaration Form

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