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The Suffolk Brokerage

Unit 9, Norfolk House
Williamsport Way
Lion Barn Industrial Estate
Needham Market  IP6 8RW
Phone: 01449 720400   Fax: 01449 720418

Our core opening hours are 10:00 am – 3:00 pm daily


General Information: info@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk
Louise Whitley: louise.whitley@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk
Amanda Bilner: amanda.bilner@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk
Kerrey Goosetree: kerrey.goosetree@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk
Hannah McLaughlin: hannah.mclaughlin@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk
Cass White: cass.white@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk

Conferences and Events: conferences@suffolkbrokerage.co.uk